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IDIA2008 Conference Paper Presentations

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The distinction between commmunity Informatics and Development Informatics was not followed stringently at the conference. The themes of the papers included here relate more to DI. Some papers not referenced here touch on the same issues.


Ambikar, Rucha; Ricardo Gomez, Christopher Coward
Information needs and watering holes: public access to information and ICT in 25 countries.
Paper (PDF)

Bradley, Gunilla
From a Rural Village to a High Tech Urban Environment
Paper (PDF)

Cheneau-Loquay, Annie
The role played by the informal economy in the appropriation of ICTs in urban environents in West Africa?
Paper (PDF)

Chigona, Wallace; Cameron, Glen; Stam, Antonie, Stam, TL; Van Belle, Jean-Paul; Wu, S.
Telehealth Attitudes of Traditional Healers in South Africa
Paper (PDF)

Day, Peter
ICT for social inclusion: Reality or myth?
Paper (PDF)

Gush, Kim
Towards a more personalised user experience and better demographic data on the Digital Doorway public computer terminals
Paper (PDF)

Hero, Warren Lloyd
Gauteng Online Schools programme
Abstract (PDF)

Kanjo, Chipo.
Going beyond Diagnostics and Planning in ICT Initiatives: limitations in the context of Malawi.
Paper (PDF)

Ouvrard Marie, Valérie Campillo
Sociology of translation and anthropological analysis of communication for ICT sustainability - An on-the-road communication project in Ghana
Paper (PDF)

Pitse-Boshomane, Mmamakanye; Marais, Mario; Morris, Chris; Roux, Kobus; Van Rensburg, Rensie; Herselman, Marlien; Makan, Ajay; Mulder, Ingrid.
Catalysing Innovation: The Promise of the Living Lab Approach in South Africa
Paper (PDF)

Ripamonti, Laura Anna; Maggiorini, Dario; Di Loreto, Ines
MUVEs: a new opportunity to bridge (global) digital divide?
Paper (PDF)

Stanforth, Carolyne, O'Flynn, Mary Catherine
The Promotion of E-Governance in Developing Countries: Reflections on E-Government in Two Asia-Pacific Countries
Paper (PDF)

Thompson, Steve
Practical Design for Social Inclusion Gauteng Online Schools programme
Paper (PDF)

Villanueva, Eduardo.
The nature of inclusion: consumption, production and the appropiation of new media in Peru.
Presentation (mov)

Walker, Steve.
Digital design in social action settings: a review through a sociotechnical lens
Paper (PDF)

Wertlen, Ronald.
An Overview of ICT Innovation for Developmental Projects in Marginalised Rural Areas
Paper (PDF)